Beef Advocacy Canada Program Revamped

Public and Stakeholder Engagement (PSE) is excited to announce the new and improved Beef Advocacy Canada, an online learning program designed to empower, equip, and connect beef advocates.

Through a series of five self-guided courses, participants will learn about the key concerns consumers have about beef and be equipped with the messages, tools and strategies needed to communicate in ways that resonate. The modern platform offers participants learning opportunities through video, short quizzes, and interactive components that can be completed at the users’ own pace.

“Consumers have many questions about their food, especially beef,” said Lynsay Beavers, Stakeholder Engagement Specialist with Canadian Cattle Association. “The great news is consumer research has shown that when consumers are exposed to positive messages about Canadian beef production, increases in knowledge and awareness translate into more positive perceptions. Beef Advocacy Canada will help us equip more people with the tools to create these messages and increase their reach.”

The Beef Advocacy Canada program consists of five courses with corresponding lessons. The courses include:

· The Canadian Beef Community

· Production Practices and Animal Welfare

· Beef and the Environment

· All About the Beef on Your Plate

· Beef Advocacy

To maintain engagement upon completion of the program, graduates will be offered continuing education webinars, a quarterly newsletter and access to a private Facebook group where they can share advocacy ideas, struggles and successes.

By Tayla Fraser October 25, 2021

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