Board & Staff

Agency Members & Board

The Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency is governed by a board of 16 Agency Members. The board is comprised of ten primary cattle producers nominated by the provincial cattle associations, four members named by the Canadian Meat Council, one representative of importers nominated by I.E. Canada, and another member from the retail and food service sector nominated by the delegates at the Annual General Meeting.

Learn more about the 2019/20 Agency Members here.

Back (L-R): Russ Mallard, CMC; Trevor Welch, NBCP; Chad Ross, SCA (Chair); Doug Sawyer, ABP; Terry Wiebe, BC CIDC; Alex Fontaine, CMC; Mike Kennedy, CMC; Larry Weatherby, NSCP. Front (L-R): Kirk Jackson, PQB; David Francis, PEICP; Jack Chaffe, BFO; Mary Paziuk, MBP; Steve Christie, Retail/Foodservice; Coral Manastersky, I.E. Canada; Jeff Smith, ABP (Vice Chair). Missing: Leslie Bielak, CMC.

The Board works both as a whole, and through focused advisory and operational committees to achieve their mandate. The Governance Committee and Finance Committee are advisory committees, and are made up of Agency Members only. The one operational committee, the Marketing Committee, is made up through an appointment of Agency Members, and an election of producers and members-at-large. The Marketing Committee is responsible for the oversight of Canada Beef, the organization tasked with investing check-off dollars into market development and promotion. The members of this committee are appointed and elected from the best of the best in beef and marketing, ensuring that the Canadian beef industry receives strong value from their marketing investment through check-off.

Marketing Committee

Back (L-R): David Francis, PEICP; Huber Lau, Member at Large; Alex Fontaine, CMC; Mike Kennedy, CMC; Russ Mallard, CMC. Front (L-R): Mike Guest, Member at Large; Jack Chaffe, BFO; Helen Langford, Member at Large; Steve Christie, Retail/Foodservice; Coral Manastersky, I.E. Canada. Missing: Leslie Bielak, CMC; Becky Bevacqua, Member at Large.

Agency Staff

Melinda German, General Manager

Melinda’s role is to oversee the Agency and the administration of check-off, to ensure transparency and prudency. She is the key lead staff for both the Agency’s board and staff, and manages the operations of the Agency as a whole. Melinda’s strong background in the beef industry is beyond valuable when it comes to ensuring that the Canadian beef industry is seeing a return on check-off investment, and she is a positive and passionate leader for the Agency. Outside of work, Melinda likes to spend her time on course swinging golf clubs, and spend time with her family at the farm near Kindersley, Saskatchewan.

Contact Melinda Twitter: @melindagerman

Tayla Fraser, Manager, Partner Engagement

Tayla’s role focuses on communication and the relationships between the Agency and it’s stakeholders like the provincial cattle associations, national beef organizations and grassroots producers. She’s not a big fan of paper, but she loves problem solving and numbers, which is a valuable skill when she’s navigating check-off remittances on a monthly basis for the provincial cattle associations. When she’s not in the office, Tayla can be found traveling to far off lands in search of the perfect beach, or back home on the family ranch and feedlot near Bassano, Alberta.

Contact Tayla Twitter: @frasercattle