#BeefBelongs toolkit created through import levy

The import levy dollars collected on beef and beef products that are imported into Canada are earmarked for the generic promotion of beef. These activities focus on keeping beef on the plate of Canadian consumers by promoting the healthfulness of beef, growing consumer culinary skills, and reinforcing food safety practices.

The #BeefBelongs regional toolkit was developed for industry communicators across the country, and those interested in promoting the healthfulness of beef. The toolkit includes things like recipes, factoids, infographics, position papers, key messages, beefy dinner conversation Q & A’s and more.

CLICK HERE for access to a sampling of the digital version of the #BeefBelongs toolkit, and visit ThinkBeef.ca to see more examples of ongoing work being done with the investment of import levy dollars. For the full Toolkit, use this link: http://www.canadabeefmarketinglibrary.ca/?r=9455&k=8737afc4dd

As the information in the Toolkit is refreshed from time to time, be sure to re-download if it has been awhile since it was originally downloaded.

Below are a few examples of the type of resources in the #BeefBelongs toolkit. Everyone is encouraged to share the resources with their own communication channels and platforms.

By Tayla Fraser November 20, 2018

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